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"Characters on the Green by Pete Hoyer is a must read for all golfers. Pete tells stories where we have all been and people we have golfed with over the years. Pete also tells about his years as a volunteer at different PGA outings and if you ever attended any you feel like you are inside the ropes with thePro's.

B. Voss, Texas

Spend a few hours off the course and come away with a greater appreciation for the game and the personal integrity it inspires.

Reviewer, D. Morgan, Brunswick Senior Buzz Magazine

"This is a fast read for anyone interested in learning about golf etiquette. It deals with the situations that I often wondered about, as a golfer of 28 years. For example, how do you deal with players when pairing up by the ‘starter?’ The author’s “no chit-chat” policy allows one to announce upfront that we are to enjoy this round, and that means we are not to be distracted by small talk.. Thoroughly enjoyed this book,."

- J. Mancuso, Virginia

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