Characters on the Green

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Sequel Announcement 

I am asking your help for my upcoming sequel "Murder on the Green"

A Murder Mystery

Who will be the killer? You can decide!

58 characters are named in "Characters on the Green"; one will be murdered on the golf course. The remaining 57 characters are all under suspicion as the murderer. But who should it be? Send me your suggestions about who the murderer will be, and the motive behind the killing. Send via email to [email protected] or on the testimonial page.

A Free Autographed Copy

If I use your suggestions for the sequel, you will receive a free, autographed copy of "Murder on the Green" (tentative title)

You will also receive a special page in the book as acknowledgement.

For everyone who submits their suggestion but is not used, you will receive an autographed copy at a discounted price!