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Sequel Announcement 

I am asking your help for my upcoming sequel "Characters on the Green, Myrtle Beach Edition"

A Murder Mystery, NOW AVAILABLE on amazon

Who will be the killer? A thrilling mystery fro you to unravel.

58 characters are named in "Characters on the Green"; one will be murdered on the golf course. The remaining 57 characters are all under suspicion as the murderer. But who was it? 

Free postage and tax savings! Autographed Copy

Request a copy of "Teed Off" or "Characters on the Green" with an email and I will mail you a paperback with my signature inside the cover. You will save tax and postage fees. email to:


Myrtle Beach Edition, in 2024

Exciting! Coming in Spring 2024, there will be a "Myrtle Beach Edition", sequel to Characters on the Green. New characters, new crazy situations, and first-hand accounts of golfers on the Grand Strand. If you want to be included or have a story to tell, send me an email, and it may be entered.

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