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Who We Are

  Calabash, NC author J. Peter Hoyer.

Outskirts Press, Inc. has published Characters On The Green: Everyday Golfers are the Real Character of the Game by J. Peter Hoyer, which is the author's first non-fiction. "Laugh-Out-Loud" funny.

WOW, Exciting News!

Listen to my interview with the Managing Editor of Reader Views:

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Available in paperback, Ebook and Kindle, go to on the green

Why Us?

Winner of the 2018 Reviewer's Choice Award.

There are numerous books devoted to professional athletes. For the game of golf in particular, readers can find publications about Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Tiger Woods, and many other pros. But what about the millions of amateurs who play the game? They are seriously overlooked—until now.

         “Great Chapters. Enjoyable and relatable for anyone who has spent any time around the game. Pete makes the many characters of the game we can all identify with come alive.” —Andy Weissinger, PGA, 2009 PGA Patriot Award Winner 

            “Pete’s lifelong love for the game has given experiences that any golf lover would enjoy. Read this and you will see why golf is more than a game. It has Character.” —Nick Zanca, Director of Golf, Kiskiack Golf Club

My Latest Crime Novel on Sale

"Teed Off, a Golf Course Mystery"

Professional golfer Steve​ Logan, the reigning Club champion is reported missing by his ex-wife, Marianne Fiorillo. 

Is he really missing? 

The clues will keep you guessing until the final chapters... then you will be surprised about the twist in the discovery!!

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